Master Kyra Gracie


Kyra Gracie is a jiu-jitsu black belt under Carlos Gracie Junior and the first female member of the famous Gracie family to achieve worldwide notoriety as an accomplished grappler. A true phenomenon inside the sport, Kyra Gracie was already considered one of the best jiu-jitsu competitors in the world in her early 20’s, a status cemented by her wins at important tournaments such as the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships, Pan American Jiu-Jitsu Championships and the ADCC (Abu Dhabi Combat Club). Kyra Gracie is also an important ambassador of the sport, and one of the most televised jiu-jitsu practitioners with appearances in famous Brazilian TV shows such as Programa do Jo (with Jo Soares) and Sensei SporTv.

Kyra Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Full Name: Kyra Gracie Guimarães

Nickname: n/a

Lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Carlos Gracie Junior > Kyra Gracie

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